12 of the Best Financial Podcasts You Need To Tune In To

Best Financial Podcasts - Trading, Investing and Personal Finance

If there is any ‘breakthrough platform’ in knowledge-sharing that has sprung up and flourished within the last five years:

It is the podcast.

And the very best podcasts have repeatedly brought listeners actionable, useful insights and knowledge.

In the world of financial podcasts, there are a few that have really raised the bar. We thought we’d take a look at some of the best financial podcasts around right now.


1. Smart Passive Income

This podcast is useful, to say the least. It’s arguably the best finance podcast in the realm of personal finance and online businesses. At the heart of it all is Pat Flynn, a man who stood out from the horde of passive income podcasters and bloggers mainly because he published his earnings online. This way, everyone knew he could walk the walk.

However, he has built an empire around the podcast, and is now a best-selling author (on topics around passive income) as well as a speaker at huge events around the world. His fame has not stopped him from repeatedly producing episodes of the podcast that started it all.

And he’s a nice guy. His image is untarnished (no issues around the validity of his results because the results are all published and discussed by him) and he has consistently responded to people who contact him. This is a useful, and very interesting way to learn more about the world of online business.

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2. Stacking Benjamins

The guy at the heart of this tremendously entertaining financial podcast is Joe Saul-Sehy. He started it years ago, and has developed a huge reputation, with his show regularly winning awards for ‘best business podcast’, for example.

Famously based in ‘his parent’s basement’ (we’re not sure if that’s for real), the show has a funny, irreverent approach. Joe is a financial adviser by trade, and you’ll get a  lot of good stuff on how to look after your money and so on. But alongside that, the guys who work on the show simply want to have a good time, and it’s well worth downloading if you’re into humour too.

It’s useful for anyone who simply wants more money, as well as people who are thinking about how to look after their money.

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3. The Dave Ramsey Show

This one is indispensable for anyone who is in debt. While that may sound rather miserable, Ramsay makes it easy and practical. He has focused on helping people unchain themselves from debt for a number of years, and that in particular is the area that he has made his own.

One of the most endearing aspects of the show is the ‘debt free scream’. Here, he invites listeners to literally scream on air when they have removed all of the debt from their lives. Sometimes he even has them come down to the location where they record the show. It’s worth hearing, because it gives you a real understanding of why he is so beloved as a broadcaster.

If you’re wondering just how powerful his work is, bear in mind that he now has over 13 million listeners. That’s more than most podcasters in his area have.

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4. The Clark Howard Show

Here is a podcaster who is determined to save you money. His tone and his approach are welcoming and fun in a world of sometimes stuffier personal finance podcasts, but he sticks to his core message of making sure that you’re not wasting money.

This is centred around tips and concepts on getting the best deals in travel, for example. Sure, we picked that topic at random, but he does it, and he goes into incredible detail in his work. So you’re not just getting a few deals on his podcast and site so you can grab a cheap flight, that’s too easy. Instead of leaving it at that, he focuses on making sure you have all you need to save every single bit of cash you can along the way.

He focused on the free streaming service Tubi recently, for example, and offered an in-depth report as regards the good and bad points of the company. You really get an idea of what is best for you.

His podcast features all sorts of useful stuff to help you hold onto your pennies. And it’s all delivered in his inimitable, warm style. It’s worth hearing a few episodes and one of the things you’ll notice (and appreciate) instantly is the current nature of the podcast. It’s all happening now, and Howard is focused on bringing you what you need to know today. If you’re not saving money somehow by the end of the first week of listening, we’d be very surprised.

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5. Listen Money Matters

Another humorous podcast with a serious mission behind it. Andrew Fiebert is the brains behind Listen Money Matters, and he’s built up the podcast so that it is just part of a perfect little money advice empire.

His language can be a little salty at times, but he’s straight-talking, and he knows that his community are there for him. One of his big selling points is that connection he has with the community. They are raving fans, and he constantly takes the time to connect, whether personally responding to emails, or taking calls on the show from listeners about Wall Street.

He says he has always thought about how he can get the most out of the money he makes, and that concept, of making money stretch, guides what happens on the podcast. He started the podcast because he had to go and live with his parents (after a hurricane), and ever since he’s been trying to help as many people as possible get more money, and keep more of it too.

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6. Money for the Rest of Us

This is an interesting podcast in that it is almost exclusively focused on investments. If people are lucky enough to start investing, they’ll know that, sooner or later, the advice starts to dry up. In other words, it’s easy to reach a plateau with investing.

That’s what David Stein is all about. He’s created a podcast that is designed to offer concrete and practical advice and insight into the investing jungle.

To get a sense of what his podcast is like, he offers shows on investing internationally (which is much harder than many people think it is, even with technology lightening the mental load), as well as think-piece personal financial podcasts around the nature of investing as a whole. For example, he recently ran a podcast that asked whether investing was more like poker or chess.

He loves what he does, and the mission is all about making sure that the average investor, who hasn’t been to business school, can still make money, as well as protect their financial future and that of their loved ones.

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7. So Money

Sometimes, it’s the pedigree of the podcaster that makes everything else worthwhile. Farnoosh Torabi is a financial expert. So far, so good. But add to that the fact that she is an award-winning financial expert and you have someone who simply knows all there is to know about finance. And her financial podcasts are well-produced affairs too.

We like the way the show focuses on helping people keep a hold of their money. It’s becoming increasingly harder to do this, and Torabi knows that it is. She addresses the problem with some truly high-profile guests, which is testament to the influence she wields in financial circles. At the same time, you’re likely to find a friend of hers sitting alongside the CEO of a huge company. So she mixes it up.

All of this is delivered in a  warm and friendly style. As a financial expert, she manages to both sound authentic and friendly. Not an easy feat.

Listen on Farnoosh.tv


8. Marketplace

It’s hard to convey just how amazing this group of podcasts really is. Known mainly for delivering great work around the markets (hence the name), the podcasts in the stable hit the right spot on a wide variety of topics.

The Marketplace brand stretches far and wide. The Marketplace Tech podcast, for example, gives you all you need to know when it comes to news on tech markets. This is current and extremely valuable. For the latest in markets news first thing in the morning, you’re looking at Marketplace Morning Report. It’s quick and always lean when it comes to any padding. It’s straight-to-the point, basically.

Sure, there are some real giants out there in financial reporting, but this is one of the best podcast ‘families’ we’ve seen in this particular arena.

Listen on marketplace.org


9. Planet Money

This is NPR’s financial podcast, and it’s thrown out twice a week. NPR is rapidly becoming one of the biggest conglomerates when it comes to news and magazine publishing online, and this podcast delivers the goods with some great production values, and excellent guests.

The podcast is lively and fun, and it’s not afraid of being a little controversial with financial advice when the occasion demands it. So you’ll have pieces on fake product reviews (currently a major issue when placed in the context of fake news etc.) and intelligent pieces on game theory. The main thread is it helps you save money.

The number of finance podcasts is becoming huge, and it’s well worth your time to dip into the back catalogue, and get into the vibe. They know what they’re talking about, but Planet Money is one of the best financial podcasts around simply because it’s a pleasure to listen to. A great, fun experience with some excellent radio shows.

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10. Radical Personal Finance

Here’s something that should blow you away. There’s a huge amount of information in this podcast, given to you on a regular basis. If you check out the website behind the podcast, one of the first things you’ll see is the gigantic list of topics that it has covered. It’s got a handle on everything, and this means you’re able to get a full and regular financial update on pretty much anything under the sun.

One of the key areas that has made this podcast super popular is the inclusion of ‘life event’ topics. It’s not often that you plug into a podcast that is about finance and hear them discussing widowhood and how it affects your monthly bottom line. And then jumping to real estate investing. It’s grounded in reality, and people appreciate that.

The podcast, like many other personal finance podcasts, often veers off into topics like that. But they’re all worthwhile, and we like the fact that the podcast is full of actionable content to help you build wealth, every time.

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11. Financial Advisor Success

Great guests, and a focus on financial advisors and their part in the financial world. While this may not immediately seem like a podcast that everyone can be interested in, the depth of detail in each episode is just right. You don’t have to be a financial advisor to gain something useful from this, in other words. And that’s why it’s so powerful.

The nuggets of information and insight here are well worth tuning in for. The work the podcast has already done on retirement planning, for example, is enough to make most other financial podcasts obsolete. We can’t recommend this one enough, and implore you to listen. It’s not just for advisors, and it can teach all of us some interesting approaches money and personal finance in general.

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12. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

The ‘Quick and Dirty’ family of financial podcasts is always reliable, whether you’re trying to get fit or sleep better. But the Richer Life series really pulls it out of the bag every time. And the best thing about it is that it sticks to the ‘quick’ part religiously. It’s rare to find anything here that’s pushing twelve minutes, and we think every single episode has something you can do today to make your life better financially.

The style is just like all others in the series. You won’t find any introspection, or any long-winded explanations. It’s a case of sitting back, and listening to Laura Adams hit you hard with stuff you can do instantly. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she’s fully qualified to help you out of debt, make investments, and generally save money while making more of it.

A true institution, this podcast will take up just a few minutes of your day, but make you hyper-motivated to make money manageable, and also something you’re totally in control of. Highly recommended.

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All of these financial podcasts are well worth listening to. The podcasts are on iTunes as well as other places, and if you try any of them, you’ll soon find that you’re better off financially.

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