7 Best Home Working Jobs You Didn’t Know About

Work From Home - Best Home Working Jobs

More and more people are seeing the benefits of home working jobs.

It used to be something that only the truly lucky could aspire to. Or, it would be the kind of work that really didn’t bring in any money and essentially made you feel like you were working in some kind of sweatshop.

For example, envelope stuffing was a real ‘work from home’ option for a long, long time!

Now, the picture is very different, and it can be very lucrative if you choose to work in the comfort of your own home. But before you resign from your job or give up your lifestyle immediately for a brand new way of living, you need to know the best options first. These are the very best home working jobs, and they all have money-making potential.


7) Virtual assistant

This has really taken off as a job from home over the past few years. And there is a reason for this. It allows you a lot of freedom, because you can set your own working hours. You’re not necessarily tied to office hours and can do a lot of the work any time of the day.

Another area of freedom lies with the clients you have. There is plenty of scope for you deciding on who your perfect client is and then working from your home base with that demographic only. This is a real benefit, and one of the main reasons why people turn to this particular area of home working. It really helps you to get that work life balance.

You can set your own rates with this work at home job too, and don’t worry about pricing yourself out of the market, because clients (and budgets) vary in size. Start-up costs are minimal (since most of the work can be done via your laptop) so it’s all positive for the physical working from home part.

If you’re struggling to find a VA job, you can always sign up to job boards and freelance sites, which will give you regular job alerts as the VA work comes in. There are also other similar jobs such as customer service positions, full and part time, all of which fall under that umbrella of administrative support for companies.

How much can you earn?

The average VA job pays around £25 per hour.

The hours?

To suit you, to an extent. As your clients mount up, you’re looking at longer days. It’s not unknown for some VAs to work (and earn) for 60 hours a week.


6) Sales jobs

This is a huge area in home jobs, and it is growing massively still, as companies realise they can outsource entire sales departments and cut costs in training and office space. Many companies are seeing real value in a remote sales team, and if you can sell – and have communication skills – it’s potentially quite lucrative.

The best thing about this area compared to other home-based jobs is the variety of options open to you. You can pretty much take on any job in sales, even sales manager jobs, and do it from home.

The flexibility is huge.

Phone sales is a very common area for home-based sales to work, and is one of the best communication jobs available. Picking up a phone and being able to sell to prospects is a key skill, and it will always be so. Most companies pay base rate and then a commission rate on top to anyone who can do this successfully and consistently.

While hoe working jobs in sales is exactly what it sounds like, sometimes you may find that you do go out in the field and meet with potential clients too. This is why it is so attractive to so many people. It’s field-based as well as home-based.

How much can you earn?

This is down to your prices, so it’s worth looking at competitors and their prices first. Earnings are technically limitless, because not only do you get a chance to sell for significant amounts for larger brands, you also have the chance to set your own hours, and hit more lucrative international clients.

The hours?

Burn-out can happen, so be careful. But we reckon 30-40 hours per week is healthy.


5) Paid surveys

This is not incredibly lucrative, but the key aspect that makes it one of the best home-based jobs is the practical aspect.

This job has basically no barriers to entry, and simply involves you and other independent contractors working for companies (web-based) that want you to fill out surveys about their products and services. It’s market research done on a large scale, basically, and one of the easiest home opportunities around.

Companies pour millions into marketing, and they will happily divert some of that to you if you’re able to fill out surveys. It’s important that you’re organised and consistent, because the work is not difficult, but it can involve a lot of time if you’re going to do it right.

So not the most lucrative, and at times it is very much entry level, but this job is as easy as you could possibly get.

How much can you earn?

For starters, a little every day, but that rises the more you do it.

The hours?

Like many online jobs, you can set your own hours and work as hard as you want to.


4) Transcriptionist

This is another reasonably well-paid of the home working jobs that also has a low barrier to entry and gives you a real chance to earn money.

The basic structure is that companies send their audio files (meetings etc.) and ask you to write out what is said in those files. It can be  a little tricky to get started at first, but once you’re involved, it can be quite well-paid.

You’ll have to be very organised because the work can be a little complex, but many companies that offer such work don’t often require a lot of experience. All they will want is someone who is willing to put the effort in and try their best. While that sounds simplistic, it is a good example of a work-from-home opportunity that simply requires you to be a hard-working, organised person.

Don’t forget that if the level of work rises rapidly you may need to review your working hours so that you can meet deadlines.

How much can you earn?

Up to £40 per hour.

The hours?

Flexible, but you will be tied to a deadline at some point. You’re looking at around 25-35 hours per week to make it fulltime and profitable.


3) Website tester

This job couldn’t exist without the Internet, and it is actually an enjoyable way to make money.

Because most companies, large and small, have websites, they need them to be tested so that they can be sure their customers have a positive experience when they are on the site.

Companies pay people to test the sites.

They’re looking for people who are Web-savvy, and able to navigate a site quickly and in the same way a potential customer would. It’s very easy to pick up, and it can be quite lucrative. And there is plenty of work, because small businesses always need their websites testing.

Bear in mind that the one thing they really want from potential home-workers is a rigorous attention to detail. You’ll need to be able to spot flaws in text online, as well as regular issues around Web pages and how they work. They’re looking for someone who can boost brand awareness through a great and useful website.

How much can you earn?

Like most online jobs, this could be any figure. But we know that once you settle in you’ll be able to pick and choose clients. The average rate is around £25 per hour.

The hours?

This is a little more demanding and requires a lot of concentration, so we’re saying 30 hours per week.


2) Search engine evaluator

This is quite a new niche in home working jobs, and it involves search engines using you to search, and then let them know what you find when you input certain search terms.

For a brand like Google this is incredibly important work. They need to know that their engine operates effectively.

With this kind of job, you’re much more attractive as a potential employee if you are multilingual. Many companies, for example, would want someone who is able to search in different languages to test the engine as rigorously as possible.

How much will I earn?

You can test a lot of search engines, but remember that quality is key here. You’re working for clients, and that means having a high level of professionalism and a respect for deadlines. Taking on too much work is not a great idea. You can earn up to $40 per hour, depending on experience and professionalism.

The hours?

You’re responsible for your own hours, so you can work as much or as little as you want.


1) Spread betting/day trading

This is the number one area for work from home.

We’re saying this because the potential gains are huge, and the work involved is fun and sometimes nothing less than thrilling.

Day trading is an area that has become very popular. You’re essentially day trading when you buy a stock on the day, and then sell the stock for a higher price. Some traders buy 30-40 trades a day, and make a profit when selling them back.

The scope for earnings is tremendous, and easily beats out the other opportunities on this ist. For obvious reasons, the more informed you are with good knowledge about the markets, the better. But with the speed of trades going up more and more, there’s an opportunity to learn the system, and become proficient quite quickly.

How much will I earn?

The sky’s the limit here! If you’re able to spot good trades and act quickly in can be in the thousands or even the tens of thousands of dollars per month, you’re looking at a very lucrative career.

The hours?

We’d be lying if we didn’t say this was hard work. Expect to put in the hours to learn the game first, and then to put even more hours in as you start to get better at it.

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Work from home and win

You’ve probably noticed that there are some very good options here for home working jobs.

Some involve risk, but the rewards are greater. Others have next to no risk, like paid surveys, but the payments are smaller. Getting the balance right is key, so that you can confidently work from the comfort of your own home with a few activities that bring in, collectively, the best returns, as well as give you the best experience.

Home-based online jobs are easy to get hold of and to start making money with. It’s often the case that people combine a few of the job possibilities, and therefore make a lucrative career in this way. It’s easier to juggle jobs if you’re good at them though.

Many people are still finding one kind of job that suits them perfectly, and then committing to that. We recommend getting very good at one type (if time and resources allow) and then moving onto expanding your work portfolio.

So the formula here is simple:

Find a job that you can do well, keep practising so it becomes second-nature, then add another job to your portfolio.

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