Trading Foundations Programme

Develop into a well informed, confident private trader, trading your own capital on stock, currency, and commodity markets.
Phillip Konchar
Enrollment Open: Next Live Course Starts 5th October at 18.00 GMT

Our premium trading programme combines:

  1. A focused live & online 2-week evening course
  2. 100+ days of MYTS Community membership
  3. Unparalleled direct access to experts

All this will lay the foundations you need to develop into a successful trader, trading your own capital on stock, currency, and commodity markets. 

When you complete the programme you will have the skills required to start trading – and the confidence to do it.

The programme is based on our trend-following Building the Evidence approach, which will give you essential skills and strategies that you will rely on throughout your trading career.

1. Live Trading Foundations Course

This first stage of the programme is a two-week course run over eight evening online sessions, with students expected to complete additional work in between lessons. We’ll guide you step by step from beginner through to confident trader, ready to trade the financial markets.

What you'll learn
  • Our Building the Evidence trend-following trading system, where layers of analysis and strategy combine to find setups.
  • How to use a range of technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis tools.
  • How to use price pattern identification to time trade entries and exits.
  • How to use candlestick patterns to time trade entries and exits.
  • Clear rules on risk and money management.
  • How to prepare and implement a detailed trading plan.
  • How to apply what is taught in a live trading environment.
Lesson plan

Your Trading Setup

In the first lesson, we’ll introduce the programme, how we’re going to achieve its objectives and get clear on what is expected of you to achieve this.

We’ll go through the 10 Golden Trading Rules all new traders should follow – these act as the framework of the trading approach we’re teaching, go into the markets the course will help you trade and give you some clarity around the products you’ll likely end up using.

We’ll finish the lesson by going through brokers and how best to set yourself up to get the most out of the programme.

Set up is often neglected, with a few important choices right at the start we’re going to help you avoid some expensive headaches later on in your trading journey.

Concepts & Leverage

You can’t trade unless you have clarity on a handful of concepts and, more importantly, how they apply day in day out in trading.

We’re not going to bombard you with every trading term under the sun but in order for you to get the most out of the course, we are going take you through the ones vital to your success.

We’ll finish the lesson explaining leverage, probably the most misunderstood aspect of margin trading. You’ll finish the lesson with a really good appreciation of how leverage can work for you and how to use it at your stage of development.

Analysis & Timing   

We’re going to show you how to take a holistic view of the market by using sentiment, fundamental and technical analysis.

The trading approach we’re teaching you doesn’t rely on just one type of analysis, instead, it takes insights from all three, building up layers of evidence to find the best trade setups.

The bulk of the lesson is focused on Fundamental analysis and a key tool for traders – the Economic Calendar. We’re going to show you how to correctly interpret economic announcements for the asset class you are trading.

We’ll finish the lesson by introducing the first strategy of the course: a volatility breakout using fundamental analysis.

Trend Trading

In the fourth lesson of the course, we’re going to get into the details of technical analysis.

We’re going to look at support and resistance, trends, channels and how this links through into two strategies: the Trend Flow strategy and the Momentum Breakout strategy.

Price Action Trading

We’re going to introduce you to a range of price patterns.

These are medium-term repeatable patterns in the price action of a market you can use to find trades, set stop losses and set profit targets.

Trade Entry & Exit Confirmations

In this lesson, we’re showing you how to use candlestick patterns to identify time trade entries, exits and measure stop loss distances.

Again, we’ll take you through from theory to applicable trading strategy in a live market.  

Indicators & Money Management   

This lesson is split into three parts. First, we’re going to introduce several important technical indicators including moving averages to confirm the trend, and stochastics to find overbought and oversold markets.

Second, we’re going to spend some time on market stages. These are and how the psychological makeup of market participants changes over time and its impact on price.

The third part focuses on risk and money management. We’re going to show you how to position size relative to the risk you’re taking on a trade, using the underlying volatility of the market.

Trading Plan, Putting It All Together 

The final lesson of the course pulls everything taught so far into the Building the Evidence trading system. We’ll show you the practical application of all previous lessons in real-time and live market, including identification of key trading levels and trade setups.

We’ll help you compile your trading plan, in including rules on entries, exits and risk management.

Live course schedule
Hosted on Zoom October’s live sessions are scheduled as follows:

Lesson Date Time
1. Your Trading Setup Monday 5th October 18.00 GMT (19.00 BST)
2. Concepts & Leverage Tuesday 6th October 18.00 GMT (19.00 BST)
3. Analysis & Timing Thursday 8th October 18.00 GMT (19.00 BST)
4. Trend Trading Friday 9th October 18.00 GMT (19.00 BST)
5. Price Action Trading Monday 12th October 18.00 GMT (19.00 BST)
6. Trade Entry & Exit Confirmations Tuesday 13th October 18.00 GMT (19.00 BST)
7. Indicators & Money Management Thursday 15th October 18.00 GMT (19.00 BST)
8. Trading Plan, Putting It All Together Friday 16th October 18.00 GMT (19.00 BST)

If you miss a lesson, the recording will be available so you can fit the studies around your schedule.


See what you’ve learned in the course applied by experts day in day out in MYTS Community’s twice-daily trading broadcasts.

Starting from the moment you enrol in the Programme, you will get 100 days of full access to MYTS Community. This level of access would normally cost at least £325.

MYTS Community is a unique analysis platform, providing you with the opportunity to:

  • Watch & Profit. Learn how to analyse markets in real-time using the approach taught in the live course with daily live broadcasts from a panel of technical experts. We run two analysis broadcasts a day, as the European and US markets open.
  • Connect & Share. Chat about market moves and share ideas with other traders from diverse trading backgrounds.
  • Research and Analyse. Use built-in analytics tools like multi-view charts, heatmaps, and real-time news feeds to sharpen your edge.

With your membership of MYTS Community, you can immerse yourself in trading and choose a level of interaction that suits you.


The final element of the programme is a one hour 1-on-1 online consultation with MYTS Head Tutor Phillip Konchar to discuss your progress and to go over any questions you have coming out of the programme.

This is in addition to full day-day support throughout the programme, from our dedicated student support team.


How to take the programme?
You can take the various elements of the programme as follows:
  • The live course is delivered on Zoom, so students can take the live course on desktop, mobile, or tablet. Zoom sessions are recorded and can be accessed if you miss a session.
  • The MYTS Community platform is available on desktop but not mobile.
  • The 1-on-1 coaching session can be done on Zoom or Skype, just let us know what suits you when arranging it.
Who this programme is for?
  • New margin traders.
  • Experienced traders wanting to learn a trend-following approach.
None but it helps if you’ve taken the Trading for Beginners course.
Do I have to do everything in the programme?
If you want to get the most out of the programme then we’d encourage you to do everything: take the live course, regularly join us in the MYTS Community for a live trading broadcast and do the 1-on-1 consultation.

However, you can choose not to engage with one or more of the elements and the programme will still be hugely rewarding, the choice is yours.

When does my course start?
The live course is run over the first two weeks of each month, so if you decide to buy the programme today you’ll be enrolled in the course advertised at the top of the page. However, if you want to enter the programme today but attend a later course please let our support team know and we’ll make it happen.
How long is my access?
Access to all components of the programme – the live course and the lesson recordings, MYTS Community and the ability to book the 1-on-1 coaching session – is 100 days from the first live course lesson.
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  • 14-day money-back guarantee
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  • 100+ days Community membership
  • 1-on-1 coaching session
  • 15 years instructor experience
  • Full support
  • Access on mobile & desktop