Margin Trading Demystified

Margin trading and the leverage it creates can be a powerful weapon in a private trader's armoury. Join Phillip Konchar for a short, simple course explaining it.
Phillip Konchar

This awesome short course will leave you with a clear understanding of a vital trading concept. It’ll help you understand what margin is through some everyday examples, develop those into the more complex world of retail derivatives and show you how margin is linked with leverage, and boost it can give your profits (and losses).

What you'll learn
  • What margin trading is using a practical real-life example
  • How leverage links to margin
  • The two main benefits of leverage and how it is used to enhance a trader’s profits
  • Why it is important for traders to treat margin and leverage with care
  • What a margin call is
  • How to calculate the margin and leverage on a EURUSD trade
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Who teaches this course

Phillip Konchar authored the course. He is an expert in technical analysis and its application in margin trading. 

He is Head Tutor at My Trading Skills, for over a decade and a half he has provided trading education for major brokerages and prop trading houses in London and Dublin.

We (My Trading Skills) are an award-winning, CPD accredited provider of online education for individuals wanting to learn about the financial markets, private trading, and how to start doing it themselves using their own capital. Our courses have helped 1,000s of people approach trading in a rational, balanced manner.

How to take the course
The course is online and on-demand, available on both desktop and mobile, so you can study at your own pace anytime and anywhere. Process through the video lessons, practice tasks and test how much you have learned with the knowledge check.
Who this course is for
  • New traders
  • Competent traders wanting a refresh
  • Those in a finance role that want to understand how margin and leverage works in the markets
Time to complete
The course is split into two parts, the theory part will take 20 minutes to complete. The practical part will take an hour.
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Course Includes

  • 15 years instructor experience
  • 1 hour to complete
  • 4 on-demand lessons
  • Expert support
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile & desktop
  • Certificate of completion

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