21 Day Trading Blogs That Will Blow Your Socks Off

Day Trading Blogs to Follow on the Web

Day trading is a fast-paced and exciting trading style that requires constant focus and lightning-fast reflexes. You need to pull the trigger as soon as a trade opportunity arises, monitor it for any signs of reversal and pay attention to your risk management. 

Following the right day trading blog can make a real difference in your bottom line. In this article, we show you some of the best day trading blogs available in the blogosphere with a detailed description for each of them. We tried to create a mix of blogs that cover stocks, futures, currencies, and commodities from a technical and fundamental standpoint. 

In addition, you’ll find that some blogs in the list are focused on trade ideas and provide regular trade recaps, while others write about important market events and provide a macro-picture of the market that you can take advantage of.

Let’s find out …

New Trader U

Joseph Burns posts educational articles on his trading blog on a daily basis. He’s a well-known trader in the trading community and thousands of followers on Twitter, where some of you may recognise him and his feed full of interesting trading quotes

His blog is oriented on educating new traders to trade the financial markets. His posts are quite short and very insightful, and cover anything from price-action and chart patterns to trading psychology.

Marc to Market

If you’re interested in the fundamental and macro side of the foreign exchange market, then Marc Chandler’s blog “Marc to Market” deserves a place in your bookmarks. Marc writes about the latest market-moving events and news that impact currency exchange rates

His analysis is great for traders who want to get a feeling where the market is heading in the coming weeks. Plus, each Friday, Marc provides a weekly breakdown of the CoT (Commitment of Traders) report and analyses the current market positioning in major currencies.

Google News

  • Link: Google
  • Focus: All financial markets (stocks, forex, futures, options, commodities, metals, bonds)

Want a large number of day trading posts all at one place? Then Google is the way to go. The Google News subsection of day trading aggregates relevant day trading blogs from numerous external sources in one place. 

Click on any of them, and you’ll be redirected to the original blog’s site. While the number of blog posts updated in Google News might be overwhelming for traders, bear in mind that it includes all day trading strategies, fresh news, and all markets.

1-2-3 Day Trade
  • Link: 123daytrade.com
  • Founded: 2012
  • Focus: Futures market and entertaining articles

1-2-3 Day Trade is a well-known day trading blog that covers the futures market and includes entertaining and educational articles as well. David is a day trading veteran with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He also writes about market news that impacts the futures market and provides up-to-date market analysis.


Top Down Charts

Top Down Charts covers global macro data which is accompanied with detailed charts and explanations. The blog covers a variety of financial markets, from stocks to futures, commodities, and currencies. 

Even if you’re not familiar with macro trading, the blog simplifies complex topics and makes them easy to understand for inexperienced traders. We also like the weekly macro themes that prepare you for the trading week ahead.

Day Trade the World

Day Trade the World is a day trading blog updated weekly with fresh content. The blog covers Forex, stocks and the futures market with trading strategies, relevant market news, and helpful market commentary. 

It caters mostly to day traders who want to be up-to-date on fundamental events. Reviews and analysis of revenue reports is also a welcome feature.

Day Trading Forex Live

Day Trading Forex Live is an excellent blog that covers the Forex market with day trading strategies, trading psychology, risk management, live day trades and much more. 

The blog was founded by two traders with years of trading experience who write entertaining and refreshing content on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop about day trading the Forex market, then this blog is for you.

Day Trade to Win

Day Trade to Win has been with us since 2009 and covers E-mini S&P futures, currencies, and stocks. The authors write many educational posts with topics ranging from trading psychology to price-action, helping new traders to acquire all necessary skills to analyse the market from a technical perspective.

It caters to beginner traders who want to master their charting skills on the Forex, futures and stock market.

Ritholtz – The Big Picture

  • Link: ritholtz.com/
  • Focus: Financial markets and macro-analysis

Barry Ritholtz is a professional money manager who regularly shares interesting thoughts on his blog. Some of you may know Berry as a guest commentator on Bloomberg TV. 

His blog is updated on a daily basis with fresh and interesting content, and we like his morning updates with top 10 reads to prepare for the trading day ahead. If you’re a serious trader and want to learn more about the institutional side of trading, then Ritholtz’s blog is the place to go. 

Stock Market Analysis

Founded in 2008, the Stock Market Analysis blog is one of the oldest blogs in our list. It covers the stock market with daily posts on market analysis, top stocks to buy, top gainers and losers, stock picks and much more. 

If you’re a trader with some trading experience and want to find hot stocks that have the potential to rise, then this blog is the place for you.


Warrior Trading Blog

Warrior Trading Blog is a well-known source for students who want to learn momentum strategies in day trading. Ross day trades stocks, futures in commodities and metals, e-minis and other financial markets and posts his trading results regularly to the blog. 

Besides day trading, traders will also find interesting scalping trades on the site with detailed recaps of each trade. If you’re interested in short-term trading and taking advantage of the market momentum, then Warrior Trading’s Blog needs to be in your bookmarks list.

The Trader Chick

Marina Kuperman is the person behind The Trader Chick blog – a day trading blog focused primarily on the futures market. Besides covering futures, there are also interesting educational posts about technical analysis and trading psychology. Marina is using a trend-following trading strategy that returns great results in the long run.

Vancity Trader

Vancity Trader is a regularly updated blog about day trading the futures market. Unlike many other blogs, Vancity Trader talks about what futures he buys or sells and gives daily updates of the portfolio’s performance. 

There are also educational articles that provide valuable insight into the futures market, market psychology and more. Whether you’re a beginner in the market or an experienced trader, you’ll find something interesting on Vancity Trader.

Day Trade Review

Day Trade Review is a blog that is focused on reviews and giving advice on brokers, trading platforms, chat rooms and other services that might be useful to traders. The content is focused on day traders and includes many interesting articles about brokers with the tightest spreads, most active day trading forums, courses and more. 

Day Trader Wayne

If you’re interested in market education rather than analysis and updates, then Day Trader Wayne is the blog for you. Posts are educational in nature and cover important aspects of risk management, trading psychology, common mistakes of beginners and much more. The blog caters mostly to new and inexperienced traders.


Emini Methods Blog

Emini Methods is run by a physicist who day trades the e-mini futures market, which makes the blog an interesting combination of trading and scientific posts. 

Emini Methods also features educational posts and trade updates by the author, as well as research papers that can be a useful read for quant traders or traders with an engineering background. 

How I Day Trade

How I Day Trade is a trading blog that is primarily focused on day trading setups and ideas. The author posts new trade ideas on a regular basis with a short description of the trade. Most trades are in the stock market, with entry and exit points as well as risk management guidelines. 

The trades are technical in nature without much fundamental explanation. If you’re already an experienced trader and just want to get some technical analysis trade ideas, then How I Day Trade is worth considering.

Day Trade Arcade

Similar to How I Day Trade, Day Trade Arcade is a blog that focuses on trade ideas and weekly trading recaps. We like the detailed videos below each recap, as they help better understand the trades and important technical levels that the author describes. 

The recaps show that the author’s trades are generally performing well, which makes the blog a useful place to start your trading day.

Zero Hedge

  • Link: zerohedge.com
  • Founded: 2009
  • Focus: Market news and macro explanations

Zero Hedge is one of the most popular blogs in the global blogosphere with distinctive and often dark views of the global financial system. 

While Zero Hedge is not a trading blog per se, it’s incredibly popular among traders. The site often covers important market news, and if there are any large and disruptive events in the financial markets, you’ll likely find comments and analysis of them on Zero Hedge.

My Trading Skills

We couldn’t finish without including our own blog that provides information on trading self improvement, trading basics, market updates and beginner guides for Forex and spread betting among others.


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