Chapter 18. Next Steps

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We hope this guide has been an informative and helpful introduction to the world of financial spread betting.

In it, we’ve covered many of the basics and some of the more detailed topics related to spread betting, including:

We’ve even delved into how to go about creating and developing trading strategies for spread betting.

Assuming you have a sincere interest in pursuing spread betting – or at least in learning more about it – we’d like to invite you to join us.

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The MYTS Community is a revolutionary online platform for new and experienced traders looking to share ideas and make profits.

Reflect and commit

We’ve come to the end of the MYTS Spread Betting Guide. Thank you for taking the time to study it, we hope you found it useful. Take some time to reflect on spread betting and how you might start approaching the opportunity with the benefit of the information we’ve provided.
Then, if it is for you, really commit to developing your skills and making it a reality.

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