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Too many private traders don’t have the correct skills to trade. Our mission is to put that right.

What we do

We teach private traders the skills they need to trade the financial markets. We’re honest in our approach:

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Who we are

Our Founder and Head Tutor is Phillip Konchar.

Phillip is a private trader, managing a personal investment and trading fund since 2004. For over a decade he has provided trading education for major brokerages and prop trading houses in London and Dublin. Before becoming an educator, he traded physical energy commodities on behalf of a corporate client base.

Students are supported by a team based in London, England.

Why we're here

"Too many private traders don't have the correct skills to trade. Our mission is to put that right. "

Back in 2016 the UK’s Financial Services regulator, the FCA, reviewed retail trading and found that 82% of traders lost money – or to put it another way 18% (about 1 in every 5) traders made money or broke even.

Trading is a zero-sum game so you’re going to get winners and losers but it need not be this one-sided. The fundamental truth is:  Too many new private traders come into trading unprepared and under-skilled. 

With decades of experience training and working in brokerages in the retail derivatives industry, we saw an opportunity to offer a service, focused around the 3 steps all traders need to navigate, to help solve this very real problem.

My Trading Skills was formed in 2017 and we have been helping private traders ever since.

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