Top 9 Trading View Profiles You Must Follow

My Trading Skills list their favourite TradingView profiles

TradingView is a trading website that allows traders from all over the world to perform technical analysis on financial instruments, share their trading ideas and comment on market moves. The charts are intuitive and easy to use for beginners, but also powerful enough for advanced technical traders. 

Users get real-time market information in a web-based format, which means that there are no installations and setups required. Just open TradingView in your browser, and you’re ready to go.

As of today, there are more than 5 million investors and traders who are using TradingView on a regular basis with more than 3 million published ideas. Since TradingView works like a social trading platform where users can follow other traders and get notified when they release a new idea, here are our top 10 TradingView profiles you should start following right now.


DACapitalTrading is a very popular TradingView profile with more than 10,000 followers at the time of writing (August 2019.) The German-based trader has also collected over 22,000 likes on 344 published ideas so far.

DACapitalTrading is mostly focused on Forex, but you’ll also find cryptocurrency ideas from time to time. Major pairs that include the US dollar are frequently covered.

The charts are quite detailed and ideas often include entry prices with stop-loss and take-profit levels. 


Another German-based trader, BullandBearTrading joined TradingView three years ago and has more than 2,000 followers. Just like DACapitalTrading, you’ll mostly find Forex ideas on this profile mixed with a smaller number of cryptocurrency trades.

BullandBearTrading publishes technical setups on medium-term charts. We like the Top-Down approach of his analyses: he only takes trades when the trend aligns on the monthly, weekly and intraday charts, which increases the success rate of the setups.

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Yuriy Bishko

Yuriy Bishko joined TradingView two years ago and has already over 15,000 followers and over 760 published ideas. 

The Ukrainian-based trader publishes mostly on Forex and crypto currency, with clear charts that range from the intraday timeframes to dailies.

Yuriy is focused on technical analysis, but the trader has also a good understanding of currency fundamentals. 


Transparent-FX is a relatively young TradingView profile which has already over 3,300 followers. 

Transparent-FX publishes trade ideas on the Forex market. However, unlike most other profiles in this list, this trader uses videos to share his market views that are easy to follow and understand. 

Transparent-FX is focused on longer-term charts, from the 4-hour to the daily and weekly ones. His ideas are clear and concise, which makes him a great profile to follow for both beginners and advanced traders.



If you’re looking for a mix of ideas that cover cryptocurrency, Forex and commodities, then TradingShot is right for you. The profile was created 9 months ago and is already counting more than 8,300 followers. The page has already more than 2 million views on 384 published ideas.

TradingShot’s ideas are well prepared and detailed with tradeable levels and support and resistance zones marked. All charts have explanations, and you’ll also find multiple timeframe analysis for the most-traded currency pairs, cryptos and commodities.


DatTong is a veteran in the TradingView community with almost 33,000 followers and more than 1,500 published ideas. He is based in Vietnam and covers mostly Forex and cryptocurrencies. Occasionally, you’ll find some stock picks as well. 

His trading style is technical on short-term charts, mostly the 1-hour ones. If you’re a day trader, you’ll find interesting ideas and comments on DatTong’s profile. His posts are clear and concise, and he also writes follow-ups for each idea he posts.


Created five years ago, IgorPorokh’s profile on TradingView is one of the most mature in this list. The number of followers confirms that: almost 7,000 users engage and comment on Igor’s profile and get notified for each new idea he posts.

The main focus of the trader is the cryptocurrency market, with only a small portion dedicated to stocks and Forex. He mostly trades on longer-term timeframes, such as the daily, but occasionally you’ll also find 4-hour and shorter-term charts. His style is technical with clear and well-drawn charts.


VaidoVeek is an Estonian-based trader well-known in the TradingView community. He joined three years ago and has almost 10,000 followers with 403 published ideas. VaidoVeek’s feed consists mostly of cryptocurrencies with fewer ideas dedicated to the Forex market.

We love the detailed charts that are mostly based on technical support and resistance levels, channels, Fibonacci levels, and trendlines. Below each idea, there is also a detailed comment that explains the idea.


Another highly-respected trader on TradingView, Botje11 has almost 30,000 followers and more than 8.6 million idea views. He posts on cryptocurrencies, Forex, and indices, and is also quite active in adding follow-up comments to his ideas.

We like the multi-timeframe analysis that Botje11 adds to most of his posts. The charts are well-explained and ideas are accompanied with very detailed explanations of Botje’s forecast. If you’re primarily into cryptocurrencies, think about following Botje11’s profile on TradingView.

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